University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

We are where you are.

UA Cooperative Extension operates in all 15 Arizona counties and on five reservations. While Extension agents, specialists, staff and volunteers continue to share knowledge in classrooms and homes and on fields and farms, technology has allowed us to connect with people digitally, too, through tools such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and mobile apps.

We make knowledge useful.

Extension faculty are converting the latest university research into tools and techniques that can make a difference in your life.

We partner with you to identify problems and develop solutions.

Working with communities and business leaders, we help assess needs and design programs tailored for Arizona's families and industry.

We are leveraging state investment by over 2 to 1.

Approximately 70 percent of Extension employees are funded by grants and contracts. These are dollars brought into Arizona from federal agencies, industry and private foundations.

Improving Economies. Improving Communities. Improving Lives.

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Who We Are

Cooperative Extension is a statewide non-formal education network bringing research-based information into communities to help people improve their lives. Established by Congress in 1914, today's Cooperative Extension is many things to many people throughout Arizona.

Our mission is to engage with people through applied research and education to improve lives, families, communities, environment, and economies in Arizona and beyond.

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How Extension Works

One out of every 11 Arizonans participates in Cooperative Extension workshops, field demonstrations, summer camps, web-based classes and more.

In addition to offering long-standing, traditional agriculture production programs, UA Extension agents help farmers battle new varieties of agricultural pests, provide support for grandparents raising grandchildren and work to combat rising obesity rates in children and adults.

We are unique because our programs are made possible by a partnership between the federal government, the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and each of the counties we serve. We are bringing university research to Arizona's families every day to improve their lives, communities and the economy.

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Administrative Leadership

Edward C. Martin, Interim Director, UA Cooperative Extension

Ed Martin provides overall administrative leadership to University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. Specifically, he provides program leadership and administrative and personnel management. The interim director is also responsible for the development of an effective Extension education program and all related translational and applied research programs dedicated to extending knowledge resources to the people of the state. Dr. Martin sits on the Executive Council for the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension.

Work Phone 602-827-8232