Goals in the Three Mission Areas


  1. Offer applied degrees that put science to work.
  2. Expand undergraduate degree enrollment for students beyond the Tucson campus.
  3. Expand community college transfer opportunities and increase degrees awarded to transfer students.
  4. Enhance CALES recruitment.
  5. Increase retention, persistence and graduation.
  6. Enhance career development.
  7. Increase financial support for instructional excellence.
  8. Promote faculty teaching excellence.
  9. Graduate student instruction


  1. Build on existing research strengths and identify strategic new investment areas to maximize research achievement.
  2. Optimize CALES research infrastructure to support the CALES research mission.
  3. Define and measure resource generation for research.
  4. Expand communication on research activities.
  5. Build tech transfer, IP development, external business relations/development.


  1. Improved economic sustainability, natural resource management and utilization.
  2. Safer, more profitable and sustainable food, plant and animal systems.
  3. Improved community economic vitality.
  4. Growth and development of Arizona children and youth.
  5. Improve the physical, mental, emotional, and financial health of individuals and families.
  6. Be the key link between the UA and Arizonans.
  7. CALES Cooperative Extension well-integrated throughout the college.
  8. Asymmetric resource allocation in response to the greatest regional strategic needs.


Strategic Plans in...