ALVSCE Strategic Intent One

Be a leading economic development engine for Arizona

Current situation and gap between current situation and desired situation:
We believe that we are an economic development engine for the state but do not measure and articulate our economic development impact well and can do better.
Strategies (numbered) and actions (bulleted).

  1. Focus on regionally responsive and globally relevant education, research, development, technology transfer, and extension.
    • Focus on developing research and extension projects for resilient societies in arid and semi-arid regions.
    • Focus on diversified and non-commoditized industry as well as large scale commodities.
    • Become a partner with local governments and an element in their economic development vision and plans.
    • Develop short professional development, executive education, and continuing e-education courses.
    • Develop strategic alliances with industries.
    • Market to Arizona public and State Legislature the concept of CALES research and education as economic growth assets.
  2. Improve research productivity as defined in the UArizona strategic plan.
    • Streamline grant/administration routing processes – fewer steps and signatures.
    • Computerize forms for all grant submissions.
    • Sponsored projects support staff to move into the office of the associate dean for research.
    • Salaries of sponsored projects support staff to be connected to IDC.
    • Sponsored projects support staff paradigm to go from policing to serving customers to creating advocates.
    • Measure true economic impacts annually in terms of jobs, dollars and social impact.
    • Establish a Research Advisory Council to identify specific mechanisms to double research.
    • Improve intra- and extra-CALES collaborations.
    • Exceptional communication especially with other colleges, vice presidents and the community.
    • Become a central partner in all intramural life science, medical and human biology initiatives.
  3. Make informatics and data science application ubiquitous.
    • Maintain Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Group.
    • Maintain and grow the Communications and Cyber Technologies team.
    • Maintain and grow the Data Solutions Team to facilitate data-informed decision making and for predictive analytics.
    • Maintain effective and efficient cyber-infrastructures that are directly used to enhance T, R, E missions.
    • Educate faculty in using new resources and methods.


2017 Updates:
For updates on our progress toward this strategic intent, please read this June 15, 2017 memo: 



and this August 23, 2017 memo from Associate Vice President Antin:




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