Rankings and Achievements

Feb. 20, 2020

By Shane Burgess, University of Arizona Vice President for Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension

Let’s recognize and celebrate what you’ve done! President Robbins featured these prominently at an ABOR meeting last fall.

#1 global ranking in Water Resources

#1 national ranking in M.S. Agriculture and Resource Economics. #15 among all M.S. Economics programs

#2 national ranking (normalized) in Family Studies and Human Development

#20 global ranking in Plant & Animal Sciences and #35 for Environment/Ecology

#24 U.S. graduate program in Biological/Ag Engineering

#98 global ranking in Life Sciences

Since the RCM budget tool was implemented, CALS has been hugely successful with almost $7M in RCM revenue and $14.2M in non-RCM revenue – all of which is directly invested in your academic units. See slides and webcast recording.

This means that, in our teaching mission, SCH are up 21%; CALS Gen Ed course enrollments are up 54%; and First-Time Full-Time undergraduate student retention is up 5.6% to 85.6% (UA = 82.5%). Assistant Dean for Graduate Education Kirsten Limesand has transformed graduate student services. We have 100% TA funding; new student recruiting and development programs; five new residential undergraduate degrees; and three new Arizona Online and distance undergraduate degrees. The Arizona Science Engineering & Math Scholars program is a model at UArizona.

In our research mission, Pre Award Services no longer polices but partners. We’ve hired 23 Research FTE on RCM revenue. When all other main campus RCUs showed research declines, we’ve increased 23.2% in federal research expenditures with 49% increase in F&A return, with only 72% to 90% of research FTE. When RCM started, CALS research expenditures were the same as the Colleges of Engineering and Optical Sciences, today our expenditures are the same as these two colleges COMBINED.


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