UArizona Cultural Clubs & Resource Centers

Please note this is not an exhaustive list but rather highlights a few of the many resources available on campus!

The mission of African American Student Affairs (AASA) is to facilitate a support system that helps students achieve academic excellence and an enriching African American cultural experience at UA.

The mission of the Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA) is to promote success for diverse East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi or South Asian American communities on campus. Visit the APASA website here.

The Crossroads Collaborative includes University of Arizona (UA) faculty, a postdoctoral research associate, graduate students, and youth-oriented community partners including, Eon/Wingspan, the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, Kore Press Grrls Literary Activism, Tucson Youth Poetry Slam, and YWCA Tucson. and is dedicated to advancing research, graduate training, public conversation, and ultimately social change in the area of youth, sexuality, health, and rights (YSHR). The Crossroads Collaborative aims to lead and engage others in an informed and productive dialogue around YSHR.

The Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center aims to create a safe and inclusive environment through culturally affirming programs and events that cultivate a sense of belonging, build community, encourage critical reflection, and develop students’ as learners, leaders, professionals, and engaged citizens. Visit the Guerrero Student Center website here.

The Office of Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Affairs creates a safe space for thousands of students every year at UA through programs, training, event and the LGBTQ Resource Center in the Student Union. Visit LGBTQ website here.

The mission of UA Native American Student Affairs (NASA) is to provide culturally sensitive academic counseling and support services to American Indian/Alaskan Native students enabling them to achieve academic excellence. Visit the NASA website here.

The Pride Alliance Office is a resource center available to not only LGBTQ individuals, but all students, faculty, and staff. It is a safe place to seek advice and support.

University Religious Council (URC) is a collection of the ministers/directors of the religious/spiritual/cultural groups at the University of Arizona. This organization has been in existence since 1948, helping to provide spiritual support and growth to students.

The Women & Gender Resource Center serves as a hub for education, programming, collaborations, and advocacy on issues of gender and equity, giving special attention to the need for preventative measures around sexual assault and violence on our college campus. Our work occurs at the intersection of many identities such as race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and ability.